Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously through corporate initiatives and support of our team members' individual efforts and passions. These include the NAVICENT Green Initiative, and support of the Grameen Foundation and other organizations committed to making the world a better place.

NAVICENT Green Initiative

More and more organizations and individuals are taking action on climate change by going carbon neutral. Through the NAVICENT Green Initiative, we have been carbon neutral since 2008 and are committed to continuing to conduct our business with net zero carbon emissions. Through this initiative, NAVICENT takes a quarterly inventory of our emissions; fine-tunes our established policies related to recycling and waste reduction, lighting, heating and electronic equipment use; and then purchases carbon offsets to mitigate any emissions that remain. These carbon offsets are credits for emission reductions achieved elsewhere by projects such as wind farms or solar installations. For more information on our carbon offset partner, please visit

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation's mission is to enable the poor to create a world without poverty. The Grameen Foundation helps microfinance institutions (MFIs), credit unions, cooperatives and poverty-focused organizations in the poorest countries in the world secure financing, develop strategies to attract and maintain a talented and dedicated workforce, and better track how quickly their clients are leaving poverty. Their technology initiatives focus on helping MFIs work more efficiently and serve more people and on providing new business opportunities and access for poor people. Since their beginning in 1997, their programs, resources and fresh ideas have helped more than 45 million poor people, mostly women and children, improve their lives. For more information, visit