At NAVICENT, we understand that there is value hidden in the post sales supply chain but that finding and fully capitalizing on those opportunities is fraught with challenge. When done right, your reverse logistics network doesn't just get your products back, it acts like a sales and marketing organization using the right channels for getting the most value out of your returned goods, it secures your return network to prevent product loss and it fortifies customer, retailer and distributor relationships while protecting your brand. Let NAVICENT help you do it right.

Reverse logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow of in-process inventory, and finished goods from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal. Some very innovative companies have taken a proactive and systematic approach to analyzing their post-sale supply chain and have found substantial opportunities for value recovery. But, did their attempts to recover value ultimately damage their relationships with their customers, retailers or distributors? Did they fully vet their global providers to ensure against product loss? Was their reverse logistics capability flexible enough to manage recalls and seasonal return flows? Did the velocity of the program ensure maximum value capture for rapidly depreciating products? Did their solution comply with the evolving global regulatory and compliance environment?

With so many potential pitfalls, and immature processes and third party service offerings relative to the forward supply chain, our clients first look to NAVICENT for experience-based and unbiased advice in retooling their reverse logistics network. NAVICENT'S collaborative approach offers the right balance of strategy development and tactical support - supporting our clients through the entire project lifecycle. We bring a combination of functional expertise, client-tested methodology and reverse logistics best practices to support the delivery of business-driven solutions with speed, certainty and precision. Our modular approach to service delivery allows our clients to leverage the talent on their team and engage us where the expertise is needed most.

No matter where you are in the process of analyzing your reverse logistics network, NAVICENT can offer a flexible, modular approach and expert advisors who can quickly engage and provide insights and client-tested frameworks - saving you valuable time and resources. Further, our perspective as an unbiased arbiter guarantees that you get recommendations that are wholly based on the facts and analysis gathered, not any pre-existing relationships.

NAVICENT offers an end-to-end approach to reverse logistics including returns avoidance, asset recovery, service entitlement, testing, repair and refurbishment and product resale, reuse, and recycling. NAVICENT's clients enjoy improved yields on returned products, reduced infrastructure cost and lasting competitive advantage from their reverse supply chain. Let NAVICENT turn your reverse logistics network from a cost center to a revenue stream.

We provide expert strategy consulting services, including:

  • Reverse supply chain strategy,
  • Brand protection and risk management design,
  • Reverse supply chain competitive benchmarking,
  • Reverse logistics network optimization,
  • Returns data analysis,
  • Warranty performance analysis and entitlement benchmarking, and
  • Regulatory compliance analysis.

After defining and developing the strategy, we can help execute with these services:

  • Returns prevention and management,
  • Outsourced product recycling and reuse program design,
  • Asset recovery program design and implementation,
  • Service entitlement and fraud management,
  • Production excess & obsolete programs,
  • Customer take back and recycling programs,
  • Value recovery and disposition programs including product differentiation and channel conflict minimization , and
  • Negotiating and implementing warehousing and freight networks.
Here are a few examples of reverse logistics done right:

With NAVICENT's help, our client's reverse logistics function realized more than a 50% reduction in recycling program processing expenses, saving $3.5 million per year and has transformed the recycling function from a cost center to a net contributor of more than $10 million per year in incremental commodity revenue.
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NAVICENT helped architect and implement a comprehensive reverse logistics and value recovery program that was built on the principle of running Reverse Logistics like a P & L-based business. To that end, NAVICENT supported the development of an engine that is scalable, efficient, environmentally compliant and consistent world-wide and, as a result, our client's reverse logistics function transformed itself from a cost center to a net contributor of $100 million.
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NAVICENT architected and implemented a standalone failure analysis supply chain that decreased end-to-end cycle time, improved customer satisfaction and provided 'below-the-line' benefits like keeping more failed product out of the field.
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