At NAVICENT we understand that contact centers are a strategic part of your business - and with the right partner and the right strategy, you could be getting a lot more out of this asset for a lot less. Let NAVICENT help you do it right.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and your call centers are your best opportunity to turn a one-time customer into a lifetime customer. But, as important as this function is, it is often very expensive to do it right. Moving your operations to a third-party provider, one who is perhaps offshore, has inherent risk. There have been numerous high-profile examples of companies bringing their contact center function back onshore and in-house after being unable to deliver the quality of service their customers demand.

With so many potential pitfalls, our clients first look to NAVICENT for experience-based and unbiased advice in developing the best customer service strategy and best leveraging and managing their contact centers. Our collaborative approach offers the right balance of strategy development and tactical support - guiding our clients through the entire lifecycle. We bring a combination of functional expertise, client-tested methodology and market knowledge to support the delivery of business-driven solutions with speed, certainty and precision. Our modular approach to service delivery allows our clients to leverage the talent on their team and engage us where the expertise is needed most.

Through the right customer service strategies, NAVICENT has helped many F1000 clients reduce their transactional costs, increase their operational flexibility and provide higher-quality and more consistent customer service. In addition to improved customer satisfaction, our clients report increased revenue via cross-selling and up-selling through improved incentives, measurement and processes.

We provide expert strategy consulting services, including:

  • Customer service strategy design,
  • Customer segmentation,
  • Requirements analysis,
  • Baselining and benchmarking current contact center operations,
  • Technology strategy & planning, and
  • Multi-site/multi-vendor strategy development.

After defining and developing the strategy, we can help execute with these services:

  • Workforce planning & forecasting,
  • Designing and implementing greenfield and brownfield contact center operations,
  • Site selection,
  • Call center technology selection and configuration,
  • Contact center vendor selection and contracting,
  • Contact process and call script design and reengineering,
  • Performance metrics and reporting design,
  • Quality assurance program design,
  • Process training program development,
  • Multi-provider solution design and implementation,
  • Escalation process development, and
  • Risk analysis and business continuity planning.
Here are a few examples of contact centers done right:

NAVICENT designed and built an outsourced delivery capability for the credit card service center of a F10 oil and gas company that reduced transaction costs by more than 70% and improved service levels.
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NAVICENT architected and implemented an offshore sourcing strategy for a health insurer's customer service contact center that halved per-contact cost while maintaining service and quality levels and improving organizational flexibility.
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NAVICENT managed a global service center consolidation effort for a leading consumer electronics manufacturer delivering a technical support and customer service solution at a 60% reduction in operating costs.
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