Looking to a leader in sourcing innovation, large healthcare companies have turned to NAVICENT for customized business process improvement and sourcing solutions. We've completed major engagements with leading companies in the healthcare industry and the case studies provided here exemplify a few of the clients for whom we have delivered high-value implementations:

Case Study: Large Health Insurer

NAVICENT architected and helped select the right partner to successfully offshore the claims processing, mailroom, imaging and data entry for a large HMO resulting in improved accuracy, reduced waste and lowered cost.
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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield Affiliate

NAVICENT architected and implemented an offshore sourcing strategy for a health insurer's customer service contact center that halved per-contact cost while maintaining service and quality levels and improving organizational flexibility.
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Case Study: Leading Healthcare Disease Management Firm

NAVICENT designed and helped implement the outsourcing of the outbound member enrollment contact center resulting in improved enrollment and reduced costs.
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