At NAVICENT, we understand that companies are under increased pressure to deliver evermore cost-effective operations and that many managers struggle with how best to balance cost savings with control of critical business processes.

When done right, an internal Shared Service strategy can provide a low-cost and scalable platform for standardized service delivery while protecting the integrity of intellectual property and competitively advantageous processes. Let NAVICENT help you do it right.

Many companies have turned to internal shared services as a way to reduce costs, improve performance and deliver additional value to the organization. But were the cost savings short-lived? Did shadow organizations appear in business units due to unresponsive or poor quality service delivery? Were some of the processes best delivered locally leading to service failure?

With so many potential pitfalls, our clients first look to NAVICENT for experience-based and unbiased advice in setting the best service delivery strategy. NAVICENT's collaborative approach offers the right balance of strategy development and tactical support - guiding our clients through the entire lifecycle of shared services design and implementation. We bring a combination of functional expertise, client-tested methodology and commercial best practices to support the delivery of business-driven solutions with speed, certainty and precision. Our modular approach to service delivery allows our clients to leverage the talent on their team and engage us where the expertise is needed most. No matter where you are in the process, NAVICENT can offer a flexible, modular approach and expert advisors who can quickly engage and provide insights and frameworks - saving you valuable time and resources.

Through the right shared service strategies, NAVICENT has helped many F1000 clients realize deep cost savings through standardized technology and processes on a national and regional basis, optimized support for multiple business units, reduced personnel and improved speed and quality of service.

We provide expert strategy consulting services, including:

  • Shared service organization and program design,
  • Benchmarking current shared service performance,
  • Assessment of regional and international service delivery issues,
  • Unlocking value of shared services through sale or commercialization,
  • Service demand management strategy, and
  • Business case preparation & socialization.

After defining and developing the strategy, we can help execute with these services:

  • Process design & reengineering,
  • Shared service chargeback and menu-based pricing design,
  • Service level & performance metrics development,
  • Service contract design and implementation,
  • Balanced scorecard and measurement design,
  • Solutions-based service offering development,
  • Business planning and forecast modeling, and
  • Site selection and build-out.
Here are a couple of examples of Shared Services done right:

NAVICENT designed and implemented a global HR shared service delivery model for a global agribusiness -- improving the quality of service transactions, reducing compliance risk and delivering a 20% reduction in overall HR administration costs. Our client's global HR function now delivers better service to their internal customers and improved value to the organization.
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NAVICENT designed a fit for purpose HR shared service delivery model for a major transportation firm to improve access, expand capabilities, and improve quality of HR services while yielding an ongoing before tax cash flow improvement of more than $2 MM annually.
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Developed strategy and blueprint for an IT shared services design addressing complex issues such as business form, governance, accountability, customer service orientation, outsourcing flexibility, performance monitoring, location and pricing. The new design offered more control, pricing transparency, and improved alignment of shared resources with demand from business unit users.
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