At NAVICENT, we use our proven methodology and comprehensive databases to benchmark your outsourced services against the contract and against your competition.

When done right, benchmarking can bring you and your vendors back into alignment and can save you money. Let NAVICENT help you do it right.

NAVICENT provides two different service offerings specifically designed to give you a full understanding of how your operation is functioning, wherever you are in the sourcing lifecycle.

Baseline Diagnostics & Benchmarking

NAVICENT's expertise, relationships and database of industry data allow us to deliver a unique diagnostic and benchmarking service offering. We will help you determine if you need a benchmark or a more detailed, diagnostic review of your business processes to uncover opportunities for improvement and cost savings. This service offering is intended to provide a quick view of the performance of your operation based on our database of business process data and other key data available in the market.

Key Activities:

  • Baseline development,
  • Competitive analysis, and
  • Process, performance, systems and economic benchmarking.

Service Level & Compliance Audits

Grounded in an understanding of external trends and industry standards, the Service Level & Compliance Audits service offering is focused on extracting incremental value from clients' established outsourced operations. Contract packages are reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that they are structured with adequate flexibility for changes in forecasted volumes, service requirements and economic performance. Other work in this segment includes auditing of results, interventions to improve operational performance, and identifying and addressing partnership issues to improve the health of the client/provider relationship.

Key Activities:

  • Audit supplier performance relative to contract requirements and commercial best practices,
  • Target SLA and operational performance improvement programs,
  • Manage ramp-ups/ramp-downs,
  • Support annual performance and agreement reviews,
  • Facilitate incentive/penalty management programs, and
  • Support contract maintenance/renegotiation.


Here is an example of benchmarking done right:

NAVICENT designed and executed a back-office and contact center outsourcing solution that saved $23 M, provided a variable, scalable platform for growth and, using our proven benchmarking toolset, standardized and improved service levels for hundreds of processes.
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