Looking to a leader in sourcing innovation, large manufacturing companies have turned to NAVICENT for customized business process improvement and sourcing solutions. We've completed major engagements with leading companies in the manufacturing industry and the case studies provided here exemplify a few of the clients for whom we have delivered high-value implementations:

Case Study: F100 Network and Communications Equipment Manufacturer

Our client's reverse logistics function realized more than a 50% reduction in recycling program processing expenses, saving $3.5 million per year and has transformed the recycling function from a cost center to a net contributor of more than $10 million per year in incremental commodity revenue.
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Case Study: F100 Electronics Manufacturer

NAVICENT architected and implemented a comprehensive reverse logistics and value recovery program that was built on the principle of running reverse logistics like a P&L-based business. To that end, NAVICENT built an engine that is scalable, efficient, environmentally compliant and consistent world-wide and, as a result, our client's reverse logistics function transformed itself from a cost center in FY05 to a net contributor of $100 million for FY08.
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Case Study: High-Tech Manufacturing

NAVICENT architected and implemented a standalone failure analysis supply chain that decreased end-to-end cycle time, improved customer satisfaction and provided 'below-the-line' benefits like keeping more failed product out of the field.
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