At NAVICENT, we understand that outsourcing has much more to offer than just quick cost savings. When done right, outsourcing can provide best-in-class services and staff, access to innovative technologies and a flexible platform for growth while lowering costs and mitigating risk. Let NAVICENT help you do it right.

Many F1000 companies have turned to outsourcing as a way of improving margins and operating leverage while reducing the costs of doing business. But, were these cost savings short-lived? Did outsourcing providers perform according to expectations? Were some of the processes too complex or sensitive to be outsourced successfully? Was their outsourcing strategy well aligned with the company's business objectives? Has the increasingly heated competition for talented and skilled workers in low-cost locations negated much of their cost savings?

With so many potential pitfalls, our clients first look to NAVICENT for experience-based and unbiased advice in selecting the best outsourcing strategy. NAVICENT's collaborative approach offers the right balance of strategy development and tactical support - supporting our clients through the entire sourcing lifecycle. We bring a combination of functional expertise, client-tested methodology and outsourcing market knowledge to support the delivery of business-driven solutions with speed, certainty and precision. Our modular approach to service delivery allows our clients to leverage the talent on their team and engage us where the expertise is needed most.

No matter where you are in the outsourcing process, NAVICENT can offer a flexible, modular approach and expert advisors who can quickly engage and provide insights and frameworks - saving you valuable time and resources. Further, our perspective as an unbiased arbiter guarantees that you get recommendations that are wholly based on the facts and analysis gathered, not any preexisting relationships. If you have already outsourced business processes, NAVICENT can offer a Service Level & Compliance Audit (link to Service Level & Compliance Audits) to ensure you are achieving the full potential of your outsourcing relationships.

Through the right outsourcing strategies, NAVICENT has helped many F1000 clients build and expand capability, consolidate operations, select appropriate technologies, access lower-cost labor markets, improve customer service and build lasting competitive advantage.

We provide expert strategy consulting services, including:

  • Outsourcing and corporate strategy alignment,
  • Matching outsourcing model to business requirements,
  • Determining which functions should be outsourced,
  • Current functional performance benchmarking, and
  • Business case development.

After defining and developing the strategy, we can help execute with these services:

  • Value-driven re-sourcing of currently outsourced services,
  • Building sustainable service contracts,
  • Sourcing and RFP management,
  • Contract negotiation strategy and execution,
  • Supplier selection and solution audit,
  • Risk analysis and business continuity planning,
  • Multi-provider solution design and implementation,
  • Implementation and program management,
  • Service level performance targeting and reporting tools,
  • Escalation process development, and
  • Supplier management program design.
Here are a few examples of Outsourcing done right:

NAVICENT managed a global service center consolidation effort for a leading consumer electronics manufacturer delivering a technical support and customer service solution at a 60% reduction in operating costs.
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NAVICENT designed and executed a back-office and contact center outsourcing solution that saved more than $20 million over its internal operations, provided a variable, scalable platform for growth and standardized and improved service levels for more than 100 processes.
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NAVICENT architected and implemented an offshore sourcing strategy for a health insurer's customer service contact center that halved per-contact cost while maintaining service and quality levels and improving organizational flexibility.
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